Is your skin ready for the sunny days ahead?


We’re a couple¬†weeks into spring now, which means the cold winter months are finally over- what a relief! As the weather warms up, and we spend more time outside, consider the overall health and condition of your skin.
We’re all prone to sun damage and the affects of sun exposure, however a consistent skin regimen and regular maintenance can dramatically prevent premature skin aging and wrinkles. Although aging is inevitable, the attention and care we give to our skin is key to keeping it in its best possible shape. It’s around this time of year that taking the preventative measures to get your skin looking its best is most important!
Many of us come out of the winter season with dry, dull skin. Colder temperatures in winter means drier air, as well- depriving the skin of essential moisture and hydration.

We see an increase in clients booking our popular Sublime Skin Lift during this time of the year, because of it’s ability to instantly rejuvenate the skin and improve the overall texture and health.
Using exclusive Comfort Zone skincare products, the Sublime Skin Lift stimulates the production and renewal of epidermal skin cells, smoothing soft and premature wrinkles by oxygenating skin tissues. Visible signs of aging are reduced, while the overall surface and shape of the skin is redefined. Skin is instantly smoother and skin tone is illuminated in the days following.

The Sublime Skin Lift is ideal for all skin types, especially mature, thickened, and oily skin. The intensity and strength of the products used are completely customizable, making it suitable for sensitive and resistant skin types.
Getting your skin rejuvenated and ready for the warm, sunny days ahead couldn’t be more luxurious. All facials and skincare services are scheduled with our talented esthetician Bhavna. Call to schedule with us today!


April is Beauty Sustainability Month!


Citrine was founded on sustainable and eco-friendly principles back in 2009. We love the planet we call home!, and we do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. Our location here at East 54 in Chapel Hill is an environmentally-friendly LEED certified development. The salon relies on low-energy lighting and tons of natural sunlight. We follow procedures that involve all earth-friendly cleaning products, maintain a completely paperless booking and transaction system, and recycle goods and waste wherever and whenever we can. We believe that living a green lifestyle does not have to entail going without!

Aside from the larger measures taken to reduce our carbon footprint, we wondered what else we could do to promote an eco-friendly hair regimen and lifestyle. What ways could our staff and clientele take advantage of the perks of sustainable beauty? After all, it is the smaller, more gradual changes in life that have substantial, lasting impacts.

FullSizeRender (1)

We are a proud carrier of Davines hair and Comfort Zone skincare products. Davines (and Comfort Zone) is an Italian-based hair care brand focusing on customized hair products that are eco-friendly in as many ways possible. The unique packaging Davines has designed is a case in point! Their shampoo and conditioner containers are reusable, and serve multiple purposes other than holding your favorite hair product.

These containers are produced using as little already-recycled plastic as possible! After the product inside is gone, and the container is cleaned, it is food-safe! A popular use for conditioner containers is to store and carry food and snacks.


Our personal favorite use of these empty Davines containers is repurposing them as planters. They serve as the perfect sized planter for smaller seedlings and plants. Our succulents here at the salon have a great home in their repurposed conditioner containers and are thriving!

Not all of us have a green thumb, though. For those that still love the sustainable concept of Davines, we’re offering a promotion when you bring in your clean (full size!) shampoo and conditioner containers. We’ll refill your product and top it off with a 10% discount. It’s just another way to achieve beautiful hair in the most sustainable way possible.

If you love a Davines shampoo and/or conditioner, also consider ordering a liter size of your favorite product. Shopping in bulk greatly reduces the amount of waste created, and you save money! We can order many of our best-selling Davines products in larger sizes, and they’re shipped to us immediately.DSC_6864



Often times, it’s the small efforts and changes we make in our day-to-day lives that have the biggest impact. Striking a balance between beauty and sustainability can be challenging, but the results improve our lives and the world around us. As we celebrate Beauty Sustainability Month and Earth Day in April, consider what ways you can reduce your impact on the planet and how your health and beauty habits affect yourself and the world we live in.

Stop in this month to check out our Davines line and get inspiration on how you can be sustainably beautiful!